About Me

Welcome! My name is Elise. I'm a wife and mother of two. Photographer and stay at home mom. My two little girls are my light in life. These little hams are two and three and yes my hands are full. Full of love or full of pulled out hair depending on when you ask me.

Six months ago I joined Weight Watchers. I tried my hand at weight loss several times since my youngest and nothing worked for long. I would get burnt out and quit months later. It wasn't till WW that I learned a better relationship with food. As my body changed the way I felt changed. The healthier I felt the more I wanted to do for myself. Now 37 lb. lighter I realize how much I wanted this before, but how little I knew about how to get it. How to moderate what I ate. How to enjoy healthier foods. How much I could actually enjoy a work out. Now I'm here and it's not sunshine and roses every day. It still takes work, but I can enjoy that work knowing I'm a happier and healthier me. 

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