Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Kelp Powder Cellulite Mask

You know the thing about weight loss is it doesn't have a huge baring on cellulite. I never had much of a problem with it until after my first pregnancy. Then it seemed to have eaten half a butt cheek and my thighs. I didn't walk away from pregnancy without a scratch. Stretch marks from my boobs to my knees. The cellulite. Veracious veins. You know that fun stuff that is suppose to remind us that we carried life and be thankful. I'm like half way there to that mind set. 

I started to look into creams for cellulite and a lot of it seemed like such shady marketing and insane price tags. Then I came across kelp powder and it's use for cellulite. Seaweed is known to help circulation and flush toxins. You can find it relatively cheap on Amazon. I got this brand here

I've been mixing mine in small mason jars and applying before a shower. Let it sit for a bit and then rinse off. Apply lotion to areas when you get out.

I also add lemon oil because it has been known to help with circulation. You can order lemon oil here


1/4 cup Olive Oil
1/4 cup Sea Salt
3 TBSP Kelp Powder 
2 drops Lemon Oil 

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